The history of Qasim Ahmad Fakhro Group of Companies, dates back to the mid sixties, when late Mr. Qasim Ahmad Fakhro, the founder, started the traditional business of trading and contracting apart from real estate development and investment on the island. Since its inception, the group has established three companies on the island and four joint venture operations in the region with manufacturing tie-ups in two countries, one in Gulf Region and one in Europe.

Qasim Ahmad Fakhro Investment (WLL) acted as the Flagship for the Group.

Late Mr. Qasim Ahmad Fakhro earned his BA in Political Sc. And Economics from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon in 1950 and was one of two formal University graduates on the island. His B.Sc. thesis then was : " Oil Economics in Eastern Arabia " . Due to his early and positive involvement in the main stream business and the financial activities in The State of Bahrain, Mr. Fakhro assumed the role of a key, respected and prominent business leader in the region.

He co-established first national insurance (cooperative) company in Bahrain, early 1950's.

He was elected as board member in National Education Council in 1955. Then, left for Kuwait to work in trade and commerce during period 1956 to 1965.

He then came back to Bahrain to pioneer the formation of the " Alumni Club " in 1967 ; where he was elected initially as Secretary to the Board, Deputy President, then President on several successive terms during 1970's. He led the Club to focus on social welfare and educational projects particularly in the field of literacy eradication within Bahrain towns and villages. Also, he pioneered fund raising efforts to support sponsorship of hundreds of qualified Bahraini citizens to pursue their studies at universities and nursing colleges abroad. Such study scholarships continued until the Ministry of Education officially took over early 1970's.

He joined Bahrain Chamber of Commerce in mid-sixties, and participated actively in drafting its constitution and bylaws in 1967, based on which it was transformed to : Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). In 1968, he was elected as Secretary to the BCCI Board, became Vice President later in early 1970's till 1995 when he was elected as BCCI President till 1989.

Meanwhile, he participated in the Board meetings of Arab Association of Chambers of Commerce and African Organization for Economic Cooperation during sixties and seventies.

He proposed and participated in the formation of Association of Chambers of Commerce in Gulf countries in 1969 (including UAE emirates, Qatar and Bahrain ).

Furthermore, he represented Chamber of Commerce and Alumni Club in meetings with representative of UN Secretary General during the latter's visit to Bahrain in 1971 immediately after British rule era to conduct referendum on Bahrain people's opinion on independence.

In honor for his contributions nationwide he was elected by the people of Bahrain as a member of the "Bahrain Constitution Council " (1st National Parliament ) and served as its Secretary General throughout its formation term period (1972-1974) The Council's mandate was to formulate and approve Bahrain first post-independence constitution.
Mr. Fakhro also played an instrumental role in the setting up of two other major insurance companies and two commercial banks in the State of Bahrain.

Specifically, he pioneered founding " The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait ", "Al-Ahli Commercial Bank" as well as "Ahlia Insurance Company", "Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company" and was elected to their Boards of Directors during seventies and eighties In addition, he served as Chairman of Al Ahlia Insurance company for two term offices till 1995.

He proposed the idea of forming Association of Gulf Chambers of Commerce in 1976, and became an active advocate of this Association since then.

Mr. Fakhro enjoyed the status of a renowned investor in the international business and financial circles. He co-founded the "Gulf Arab Investment Company " (GAICO) which was based at Cairo Egypt in 1983. The Company's mission statement was to apply Gulf investor funds to direct investment industrial projects in the Arab region. He assumed Deputy Chairman of Company Board since 1984. Then he took over as Chairman in 1988 till 1994.

Finally, and out of his continued devotion to the profession of education and high ,he was elected to represent the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce in the Board of Trustees of Gulf Polytechnic (later becoming University of Bahrain) from 1976 to 1986. During his term in office, he also chaired finance committee in the Polytechnic Board where he led a strong fund raising campaign to collect from the national and foreign banks and major companies the necessary funds to help build and furnish the Polytechnic's facile housing complex as well as the Engineering College and Computer Centre.

Mr. Fakhro left for his heavenly abode in April 1995 and since then the activities are managed by his son Dr. Samir Qasim Fakhro assisted by his brother Waleed and sister Suhair.