Dr. Samir Qasim Fakhro was born on the 21st December, 1953. His academic achievements earned him H. H. Amir of Bahrain Distinction Awards in his B.Sc., M.Sc. & Ph.D degrees in 1975,1976,1980 respectively. He attained the rank of Professor in electrical engineering and computer applications in 1993.

He Started with the faculty of the Gulf Polytechnic Institute, as Chair of the Computer Science Section (1980-81),then Head of Engineering Department (1982-85), Assistant to the Dean Engineering Affairs (1985-87);and in University of Bahrain Assistant to the President (1987-89) and as Vice President for admin and finance (1989-1995). In addition, he has taken on a variety of consulting positions with prestigious organizations throughout the world. Currently, working with UNESCO (1986 to date), the International Telecom. Union (1994 to date ), the Assoc. of Arab Universities (1993-94), Educational Development Center(1992 to date) and International Association for Education, Training & Communications Technology (1994 to date).

On an honorary status, Prof. Fakhro has been awarded memberships in New York Academy of Sciences, I.E.E.E.(U.S.A), the American Society for Engineering Education, the American Association for Physics Teachers, Bahrain Society of Engineers and the International Council on Education for Teaching. In addition, he has served since 1985 on the National Computer Licensing Com-mittee of the Government of Bahrain, on the National Committee for Assessment of Technical Qualifications of Academic degree Holders in Bahrain, and as Deputy Chair of Bahrain National Computer Education Com-mittee.Also, Prof. Fakhro has served in various regional and international information Technology Committees too. He also served as Chairman of the Evaluation Committee for awarding the Crown Prince Prize to the Best Bahraini Researcher in the field of Science and Technology for the years 1994-95.

In addition, Prof. Fakhro has led teams of researchers on over 20 major national, regional and international projects on computer applications in education and higher education.

An enterprising individual, Dr. Fakhro, Chairman cum Managing Director of the group is keenly involved in the development and enhancement of the group business activities.